Literacy Design Collaborative Module Training


For many years, NLP partners have worked with schools and districts to develop, implement, and monitor a literacy action plan designed specifically to meet the academic and literacy needs of their students. NLP has worked since 2000 in multiple schools and districts to build the capacity of teachers and administrators to implement systematic, systemic, and sustainable practices that directly impact improved literacy and learning of students in all classrooms


With the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, NLP formed the Florida Academic Literacy Network.  This network of Florida districts and consortia has developed numerous modules with the support of an NLP Partner.


For more information on the Literacy Design Collaborative, visit  You will also find several exemplary modules for classroom use.


LDC Module Instruction For information on module instruction or to visit a FALN Demonstration School, contact the NLP. What is the LDC module and how does it work? “LDC offers teachers, coaches, and leaders an instructional system for developing students’ literacy skills to prepare them for the demands of college and careers.”


The LDC Framework enables teachers to embed Common Core State Standards and Content Standards into meaningful units of instruction.  Whether the content being taught is an important part of the curriculum in social studies, science, ELA or other disciplines within the district’s curriculum, the module approach requires students of all levels to navigate complex text and complete rigorous writing assignments that are integral to the discipline.