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Literacy Design Collaborative Module Training

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With support through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, NLP is currently called upon to help schools understand the LDC module and how it incorporates local college and career standards into effective classroom instruction.

What do Florida educators say about the effectiveness of module instruction? DB>FALN (1)>.Altamonte Videos

Katy Pearson, Director of Teaching and Learning, Lake County, Florida

Pearson.Lake.655.MPG (clip 27-1:09 or -11:11 to -10:30) Talks about change in teacher practice.

Maria Rooney, 8th grade ELA Teacher, Pasco County, Florida
Rooney.651..MPG (clip 1:28-2:28 or -4:26 to -3:37) Talks about engagement and evaluation.


LDC Module Instruction

What is the LDC module and how does it work?

“LDC offers teachers, coaches, and leaders an instructional system for developing students’ literacy skills to prepare them for the demands of college and careers.”

The module is structured so educator writing teams are able to embed local standards into their content instruction. Whether the content being taught is an important part of the curriculum in social studies, science, ELA or other disciplines within the district’s curriculum, the module approach requires students of all ability levels to navigate complex text and produce writing appropriate to the discipline.


What does the National Literacy Project offer with LDC instruction?

  • Writing a Module: What Task? / What Skills? / What Instruction / What Results?
  • The Instructional Ladder
  • Jurying a Module
  • Student Assessment
  • Calibrating Writing and Grading